Addi's Fallout 4 Mod List

Here is a list of every mod I'm currently using in my Fallout 4 Let's Play's.  I'll keep this updated as the series progresses in case you'd like to use any yourself.





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Gameplay Effects and Changes

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Modders Resources

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Keanu Reeves Filmography Watchlist

I have compiled a list of all of Keanu's Reeves movies (minus a few made for TV/short films.)  I plan to try and watch all of these in reverse chronological order.  Included below are links to either a variety of streaming site who have the movie up for free or links to amazon to buy or rent.

I'll be updating this post with more info as I go along.  I've wanted to go through several actors and directors filmographies for a long time but this is my first stab at it so we'll see how this evolves.

  1. One Step Away - 1985
  2. Youngblood -1986
  3. Dream to Believe (Flying) - 1986
  4. River’s Edge -1986
  5. The Night Before - 1988
  6. The Prince of Pennsylvania - 1988
  7. Dangerous Liaisons - 1988
  8. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure -1989
  9. Parenthood - 1989
  10. I Love You to Death - 1990
  11. Tune in Tomorrow… - 1990
  12. Point Break - 1991
  13. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey - 1991
  14. My Own Private Idaho - 1991
  15. Providence - 1991
  16. Dracula - 1992
  17. Much Ado About Nothing - 1993
  18. Freaked - 1993
  19. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues - 1993
  20. Little Buddha - 1993
  21. Speed - 1994
  22. Johnny Mnemonic - 1995
  23. A Walk in the Clouds - 1995
  24. Chain Reaction - 1996
  25. Feeling Minnesota - 1996
  26. The Last Time I Committed Suicide - 1997
  27. Devil’s Advocate - 1997
  28. The Matrix - 1999
  29. Me and Will - 1999
  30. The Replacements - 2000
  31. The Watcher - 2000
  32. The Gift - 2000
  33. Sweet November - 2001
  34. Hard Ball - 2001
  35. The Animatrix “Kid’s Story” - 2003
  36. The Matrix Reloaded - 2003
  37. Something’s Gotta Give - 2003
  38. Ellie Parker - 2005
  39. Thumbsucker - 2005
  40. Constantine - 2005
  41. A Scanner Darkly - 2006
  42. The Lake House - 2006
  43. Street Kings - 2008
  44. The Day the Earth Stood Still - 2008
  45. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee - 2009
  46. Henry’s Crime - 2010
  47. Generation Um… - 2012
  48. Man of Tai Chi - 2013
  49. 47 Ronin - 2013
  50. John Wick - 2014


NEWSFLASH: I'm doing a second one.

I honestly don't have a lot to talk about and who reads blogs but if you're here and reading I feel I owe you some form of entertainment.  Why else would you be here?

ENTER Ninja of the South Shaolin Temple

Ninja readises his sword at a cloaked figure standing towards the window


"It would be wise of you to lay down your weapon."

Two small knives clatter to the ground from beneath the cloak of the figure


"Thank you, that will make this much easier."

The Ninja lunges forward impaling the cloaked figure.  His sword sinking in to the hilt.


"Thanks for that."

The Ninja spins around as the cloak falls off a wooden dummy.  The Ninja desperately tries to pull his blade from the dummy.


"This makes things much easier."

Light glints off nearly invisible strings tied to the knives on the floor.  Addi pulls the strings sending each knife into his hands.  The Ninja pulls his sword free but too late as one knife spears his sword hand.  He screams and looks up just in time to see Addi flying down from above, the second knife coming down into his chest.


"Give my regards to your master."


So there you go.  A short scene to shoot with you and your friends.  Make sure whoever plays Addi is very well built and sports the craziest of beards. 

Addi out.

Blog's are weird

I don't know why you are reading this but you are so I'm going to have to keep writing I guess.

Since this is my first post here's a bit of background on me.

A. I grew up in a small town doing theater and making machinima for any class project that let me and my friends do a video.

B. Didn't want to stop doing theater so I went to film school where I met Thad and we started a little show called Thad and Addi.

C. Jump forward a bunch of years and a lot of debt later, I'm living in LA and working in the Post Production business.

Those "bunch of years" were really the worst part for me because up until this point I had been making videos off and on my whole life.  Granted, I love my job, and working in the industry is great, but there was a video void eating away at my soul.  Enter Good Alchemy.

So now we're here, and you're still reading, so you're obviously invested in this story arc that is my life but that's where it ends.  The rest is up to you, dear reader, the rest is up to you.


- Addi out.