Blog's are weird

I don't know why you are reading this but you are so I'm going to have to keep writing I guess.

Since this is my first post here's a bit of background on me.

A. I grew up in a small town doing theater and making machinima for any class project that let me and my friends do a video.

B. Didn't want to stop doing theater so I went to film school where I met Thad and we started a little show called Thad and Addi.

C. Jump forward a bunch of years and a lot of debt later, I'm living in LA and working in the Post Production business.

Those "bunch of years" were really the worst part for me because up until this point I had been making videos off and on my whole life.  Granted, I love my job, and working in the industry is great, but there was a video void eating away at my soul.  Enter Good Alchemy.

So now we're here, and you're still reading, so you're obviously invested in this story arc that is my life but that's where it ends.  The rest is up to you, dear reader, the rest is up to you.


- Addi out.