I Think I'll Go to Boston

I've fallen behind on my blog entries, but life's been busy and I've been playing a shit ton of Fallout 4 and Halo 5.  Speaking of Fallout 4 it has been fantastic so far.  I honestly have barely touched the main story because I've just been wondering the wasteland.  They've really streamlined a lot of the annoying features from the previous Fallout games.  It's so nice to just hover over stuff and see its contents without having to keeping opening random shit.  I had a terrible problem of opening every last damn container in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.  Being able to gather random junk and have it be of use has made me even worse of hoarder though. Aluminum cans should not make me so excited but they do cause you need aluminum for so much stuff.  I probably hit max capacity of my what I can carry in every location I discover.  Anyways if you enjoyed exploring the Capital Wasteland and the Mojave you'll for sure love the Commonwealth.  Now if you don't mind I'm going to get back to searching for discarded soda cans because you know recycling is really important after the world has blown up.  

Halo 5 First Impressions

After quite a bit of waiting I finally got my hands on Halo 5. My first impression of the game is pretty postive. The first thing I did was try out their new game mode Warzone and had a blast. The REQ system feel weird at first, but I think it brings an interesting dynamic to the game. No it's not "pay to win" no matter how much Cooper insists that it is.  

I've played through the first two campaign missions, one as Oseris and the other as Blue Team. The Oseris mission was the first time I felt like I was dropped off in the middle of a mass warzone in the Halo Universe. My only problem with the first mission were the cinematicas at the beggining and end of the mission. Now don't get me wrong they looked awesome, but the whole time I'm watching them all I could think was, "why am I not doing that right now." If they would have incorporated what the Spartans were doing in those cinematicas into actual game play it would have been amazing.   

The Blue Team mission was solid all the way through. It started off like every other Master Chief game, on a ship that's going to blow up. I recently listened to almost all of the Halo novels. It's pretty awesome to see some of those characters from the extended universe finally show up in the games. I have to say Hunters are way more of a pain in the ass than I remember. I'm playing on normal for my first run through and they were still a bitch.   I'm going to play more this afternoon and capture some footage. Hopefully have a video up by tonight. 


Crappy Inernet and Halo 5

Was hoping to have a Halo 5 video out today but that's probably not going to happen since I live in the middle of nowhere with terrible Internet. The damn thing has been downloading since last night around 8 and it's only at 50%. I kept forgetting to preorder it so this is my own fault. I'll release my other Halo video today and hopefully have a Halo 5 video out tomorrow.  

I'm a Failure

Well I've kind of fallen behind on putting out videos.  The past two weeks have been kind of hectic for me with Brittany having knee surgery and my brother getting married.  I'm hopping I can get back into the groove of things next week.  Have a Halo video I need to edit and already have what I want to do in Fallout 3 planned out.  I release something as soon as I have it done.  Sorry of the delay.  


Fallout Friday...on Tuesdays

Fallout Friday has a nice ring to it but I don't want to change the schedule we already have established so I'm going to pull an NFL strategy (Thursday Night Football on Saturday) and move Fallout Friday to Tuesdays. So this Tuesday I will be releasing my first Fallout 3 video and there should be a new one every Tuesday leading up to the release of Fallout 4.  After Fallout 4 comes out I'll switch over and start making videos in Fallout 4.  I can't wait for that damn game to come out.  Just sucks that Halo 5 comes out just 2 weeks before Fallout 4.  Guess I'll have to get as much as I can out of Halo 5 before diving into Fallout 4.  


New Videos!

Today we release our first video in months.  As of right now the release schedule will be a new video launching every Friday around 4pm Texas time.  We'll be releasing stuff on the site a day earlier than YouTube.  The guys we're able to get together last week and knock out a few videos so we some content lined up for the next several weeks.  The plan is to have at least one new video a week.  Once we get more stuff lined up hopefully we can start doing more weekly content.  I believe the first video is my Lets Play in Max Curse of the Brotherhood.  


Bye Bye Megaton

Still working on a Lets Play with Fallout 3.  Ran into some problems cause I realized I did't have headphones that worked with the 360 but I found a workaround for that without having to fork over money for another set of headphones.  Fallout is a difficult game to do a lets play in due to there being so much down time where you're just wondering around.  It's so easy to just get lost with exploring and find yourself not even saying anything into the mic.  So I'm trying a different tactic with this series and just capturing footage and recording audio later when I can just focus on what I'm doing.  I can't remember if I mentioned it in my last post, but I've never played an evil character in Fallout before.  So I'm starting off this play through with a bang and blowing up Megaton.  I was alway reluctant to do it before because I liked having the house in Megaton.  Never realizing that you receive a room in Tenpenny Tower after setting off the bomb.  So I'm hopping to get a different experience this play through and I'm sure I will with an entire city being removed from the map.  Hope to release the first episode in about a week or two.  The other guys have a super hectic work schedule right now so there probably won't be much from them until their work slows down.  So you bastards are stuck with my content until then, and by "bastards" I mean the 3 people that might see the video but hey you gotta start somewhere.  

Until next time, 


Weekly Update

Captured two Lets Plays last week.  Want to have more put back before we release any.  Did one in Max Curse of the Brotherhood and another in Halo 4.  Thinking about doing a series in Fallout 3 to get ready for Fallout 4.  Wish the Xbox would release the backwards compatibility update so I wont have to capture through the 360.  If my PC hadn't gone out on me I would just play it on there, but I don't feel like dropping $800 on a decent PC build and my fiance might kill me if I did that.  Oh ya I got engaged since my last blog post.  Going to start updating my blog at least once a week.  Should also start releasing a video once a week relatively soon as well.   

Back to School

About two months ago I decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Media Communications at Full Sail University.  I felt this was a great way to learn more about the media world, and also get my parents off my back about getting a degree.  My dream of getting Good Alchemy of the ground hasn't died, and if anything its grown stronger from the things I've been learning at school.  I haven't been able to focus a lot of my time to Good Alchemy lately because of school and work, but that will be changing soon.  I have an idea for a new show to record with Brittany, called Backseat Gaming, and hope to have it recorded this week. 


Trying to get Good Alchemy noticed in the sea of crap that is the Internet is tasking.  So far it seems streaming on Twitch has been our most successful outlet.  Given by successful I mean we have more followers on Twitch than anywhere else.  Twitch is awesome for connecting with fans but I really wish we could get the site more notice.  

Starting up a business takes a huge time commitment, having full time jobs can throw a kink in that commitment. Oh, if I could only quit my job and fully commit to Good Alchemy but as of right now that would not be the smartest of decisions.   Its going to take time and patience to get this thing going, but I have confidence we can get it off the ground.  Persistence will be key in the long run and its also nice to have the support of an amazing girlfriend that puts up with my crazy dreams. 

In other news the store is now live so if you are reading this you should go buy a shirt that has Addi's magnificent beard on it. 

RTX, Determination, and Queso Chicken

It has been almost a month since my first blog post and in that time I have been keeping busy.  Site looks better and better everyday.  Addison has been working on it in his spare time as well which helps tremendously considering he is much better at this than I am.  The home page is getting an update so that it doesn't look so plain. 

This past weekend I went to RTX in Austin with my girlfriend Brittany.  Brittany volunteered to come along (because she's awesome) even though she is not into the gaming/internet culture as much as I am.  One of the first people she saw was a guy dressed up in a giant pink dress with a blonde wig.  Which was probably a good thing that way she knew what she was getting herself into for the next three days.  In the end we both had a great time in Austin and now we both want to move to Austin even more now.  

We saw a lot of great things at the convention one being a sneak peak of the upcoming Halo Master Chief Collection.  It was only a live demo and we couldn't actually get hands on game play but just watching the dude fire up the first level of Halo 2 I felt 13 again. When it launches in November I can't wait to dive back into coagulation.

My favorite thing about the convention has to be seeing the Rooster Teeth guys in person and hearing all of their inside knowledge.  Seeing them live has left me with even a deeper desire to get this website some momentum.  I know all four of us are capable of creating some great content we just have to keep at it.  A few shorts will hopefully be coming soon! Oh and Garcia's Chicken Friend Chicken with queso is probably one of the best things I have ever had. 

Talking to Myself

This is Taylor and this is my very first blog post! Like any first post I'm not quite sure what to say.  So I'm just going to go with why we're doing this site and going over what I've been working on. 

Lets start with a little background. For the past five years I've been bouncing around from college to college trying to figure what I want to do with my life. Anything I've tried I would lose interest in rather quickly and nothing I've tried has seemed very fulfilling.  About two years ago  now my buddy Cooper got me back into all things Rooster Teeth. I had watched RvB in high school but kind of lost track after awhile.  Just seeing what RT did everyday made me want what they had. A job that I could be excited to go to everyday and not live for the weekend. Well instead of trying to trick RT into giving me a job I thought I would just steal their formula. Which is, get a few of your friends together and make something you all like and share it with people. Pretty simple idea so I decided to text Cooper and Addi and tell them we needed to get something started. Addi brought on his film school friend Thad and for the past few months now we've been filming Lets Plays. I don't think we have quite found our groove yet but we are trying and getting better at it with each one.  We hope to produce shorts and other web content in the near future. 

Been working on the website trying to make things look better.  Everything seems kind of plain right now.  I've been messing with the site a lot since I've had a case of writers block for the past couple of weeks.  Trying to break though the block by learning about Source Film Maker and write a script that involves it.  That tool is so ridiculously powerful it can be overwhelming at times.  The guys are working on getting live streaming working on multiple platforms. Hopefully that will be up and running soon, however we all lead busy lives so it can be hard to get things going sometimes. Especially when I live in Texas and the other three live in LA 

That's all for now. Just have to get those other lazy bastards to start writing some post now.