RTX, Determination, and Queso Chicken

It has been almost a month since my first blog post and in that time I have been keeping busy.  Site looks better and better everyday.  Addison has been working on it in his spare time as well which helps tremendously considering he is much better at this than I am.  The home page is getting an update so that it doesn't look so plain. 

This past weekend I went to RTX in Austin with my girlfriend Brittany.  Brittany volunteered to come along (because she's awesome) even though she is not into the gaming/internet culture as much as I am.  One of the first people she saw was a guy dressed up in a giant pink dress with a blonde wig.  Which was probably a good thing that way she knew what she was getting herself into for the next three days.  In the end we both had a great time in Austin and now we both want to move to Austin even more now.  

We saw a lot of great things at the convention one being a sneak peak of the upcoming Halo Master Chief Collection.  It was only a live demo and we couldn't actually get hands on game play but just watching the dude fire up the first level of Halo 2 I felt 13 again. When it launches in November I can't wait to dive back into coagulation.

My favorite thing about the convention has to be seeing the Rooster Teeth guys in person and hearing all of their inside knowledge.  Seeing them live has left me with even a deeper desire to get this website some momentum.  I know all four of us are capable of creating some great content we just have to keep at it.  A few shorts will hopefully be coming soon! Oh and Garcia's Chicken Friend Chicken with queso is probably one of the best things I have ever had.