Trying to get Good Alchemy noticed in the sea of crap that is the Internet is tasking.  So far it seems streaming on Twitch has been our most successful outlet.  Given by successful I mean we have more followers on Twitch than anywhere else.  Twitch is awesome for connecting with fans but I really wish we could get the site more notice.  

Starting up a business takes a huge time commitment, having full time jobs can throw a kink in that commitment. Oh, if I could only quit my job and fully commit to Good Alchemy but as of right now that would not be the smartest of decisions.   Its going to take time and patience to get this thing going, but I have confidence we can get it off the ground.  Persistence will be key in the long run and its also nice to have the support of an amazing girlfriend that puts up with my crazy dreams. 

In other news the store is now live so if you are reading this you should go buy a shirt that has Addi's magnificent beard on it.