Halo 5 First Impressions

After quite a bit of waiting I finally got my hands on Halo 5. My first impression of the game is pretty postive. The first thing I did was try out their new game mode Warzone and had a blast. The REQ system feel weird at first, but I think it brings an interesting dynamic to the game. No it's not "pay to win" no matter how much Cooper insists that it is.  

I've played through the first two campaign missions, one as Oseris and the other as Blue Team. The Oseris mission was the first time I felt like I was dropped off in the middle of a mass warzone in the Halo Universe. My only problem with the first mission were the cinematicas at the beggining and end of the mission. Now don't get me wrong they looked awesome, but the whole time I'm watching them all I could think was, "why am I not doing that right now." If they would have incorporated what the Spartans were doing in those cinematicas into actual game play it would have been amazing.   

The Blue Team mission was solid all the way through. It started off like every other Master Chief game, on a ship that's going to blow up. I recently listened to almost all of the Halo novels. It's pretty awesome to see some of those characters from the extended universe finally show up in the games. I have to say Hunters are way more of a pain in the ass than I remember. I'm playing on normal for my first run through and they were still a bitch.   I'm going to play more this afternoon and capture some footage. Hopefully have a video up by tonight.