Bye Bye Megaton

Still working on a Lets Play with Fallout 3.  Ran into some problems cause I realized I did't have headphones that worked with the 360 but I found a workaround for that without having to fork over money for another set of headphones.  Fallout is a difficult game to do a lets play in due to there being so much down time where you're just wondering around.  It's so easy to just get lost with exploring and find yourself not even saying anything into the mic.  So I'm trying a different tactic with this series and just capturing footage and recording audio later when I can just focus on what I'm doing.  I can't remember if I mentioned it in my last post, but I've never played an evil character in Fallout before.  So I'm starting off this play through with a bang and blowing up Megaton.  I was alway reluctant to do it before because I liked having the house in Megaton.  Never realizing that you receive a room in Tenpenny Tower after setting off the bomb.  So I'm hopping to get a different experience this play through and I'm sure I will with an entire city being removed from the map.  Hope to release the first episode in about a week or two.  The other guys have a super hectic work schedule right now so there probably won't be much from them until their work slows down.  So you bastards are stuck with my content until then, and by "bastards" I mean the 3 people that might see the video but hey you gotta start somewhere.  

Until next time,