Breath of Wild Thoughts

So I finally beat Breath of the Wild and I have to say it was probably the best Zelda game to date. While Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past hold a special place in my heart Breath of the Wild was just amazing.  It probably has a lot to do with how much I've alway loved Hyrule and this game gives you the opportunity to freely explore all of it.  I do like how Zelda went from not even having a jump button to the ability to almost climb anything your little heart container desires.  Im going to take this time however to be a Cooper and talk about the negative aspects of Breath of the Wild. I really only have two negative things to say about the game.  The first being that there were only 4 main dungeons.  It could be argued that Hyrule itself is one giant dungeon with all of the shrines and different puzzles scattered throughout but its not quite the same in my opinion. Those four dungeons were great but I felt like they were for the most part short and is why I avoided them as long as possible in order to save them.  The second negative take away would be the story.  Gameplay is almost second to me when it comes to a games story.  This is why I was able to forgive Skyward Sword for most of its weird clunky gameplay because I really enjoyed the story it told.  Most Zelda games have a straight story.  Bad guy takes girl, your job to save said girl.  Breath of the Wild really expanded on the classic Zelda story and gave us the opportunity to explore the brother and sister type of relationship that Link and Zelda have had in every game other than Skyward Sword.  The story gives you a lot through the different memories you find throughout Hyrule and I enjoyed the story it was telling.  However the ending felt flat and left me without much of an impression.  This is partially because the climax of the story pretty much happens when you find the 13th memory and not when you beat Ganon.  Finding all of the memories was one of the first things I did so I kind of screwed myself to be honest.  I hope the second DLC pack coming out will expand the story from after you beat Ganon and fill in some of the story that I felt was missing.  Overall great fucking game and Im looking forward to playing through again once I get a Switch.