Regular Schedule and SOMA

Hey everyone! This first post is exciting because after an unintentional hiatus Good Alchemy is back to releasing videos on a regular schedule. There will be a new video every Friday on our YouTube channel, and hopefully we can stream a little bit on twitch as well. I had a lot of fun streaming multiple times a week last summer, but work made it difficult to keep up. We have now made time to work on videos and play new games we hope everyone will enjoy.

Now to talk about SOMA, which comes out tomorrow. I tried to keep myself in the dark so I wouldn't know anything when I played it, but I was too excited and watched a teaser. I still don't know a lot about the game, except for the fact that it looks incredibly unsettling. I played through Amnesia and loved it. I never felt comfortable or safe, and that made me want to keep moving and progressing through the game. I look forward to the new horrors that await me under water in SOMA, and the videos we will be able to release of us screaming and jumping.